Ferrero rocher cupcake recipe

Ferrero rocher cake monsieur ambassador? The cold never bothered be anway

Monsieur with this rocher you are really spoiling us 

Ferrero rochers apparently ‘a sign of good taste’ tagline of my favourite cheese-fest of an advert from the 90s avec the oh so classy italian butler and his iconic pyramid of golden wrapped chocolates at the “ambassadors mansion” with some very questionable dubbing…..Monsieur with this rocher you are really spoiling us.   Spoiling my gentlemen colleagues of good taste, in exchange for engineering up water butt connections for the allotto plotto only seemed to be fair, in rocher cake format.

And there’s only one secret – frozen rochers

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Awesome shed forkingbelle

Someones Gone Allotment-al with Shed Prettifying

Seaside hut, buttercup, shabby chic, banksy, hitchcockesque, speakeasy, sunshine influenced shed is now rocking it down at the alloto plotto.  Many creative hours spent on my hut of prettiness has slightly taken over the weed control on the plotto the last few weeks, oops. Shed sides and roof delivered by one of the flat capped oldies from his cannabis growing neighbour, whose apparent expanding business has resulted in the need for him to invest in a larger ‘facility’. All a bit questionable but bingo for me as have been putting off spending several hundred pounds on a small shed for the past twelve months to store tools and collect much needed water.

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Flowerpot baking

Two new unused terracotta flower pots were hiding among my mass of exponentially growing moving house pile.  I thought a bit of flowerpot baking would encompass my love for baked goods and growing all things edible and/or pretty.  I seasoned them, and then distracted by a whirlwind of birthday cakes they got put to one side until GBBO bread week came along.  Master Hollywood said they could be tricky – and it kind of put me off a bit more! But then the goon making it used baking paper to line the flower pot and the challenge to give them a go was on.  Outraged the lion bread baker didn’t get star baker, I was ready to crack on with this little project properly! After all the Egyptians didn’t have baking parchment to hand when baking in terracotta more than a few years ago…..

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Defying gravity cake

Smarties Parties – defying gravity smarties pouring cake

The spec: a smarties party cake for a smarties lover (and not an 8year old girlie one would imagine, but a 59year old dude).  These colourful little gems gave me three options – the hidden centre sweetie cake, the pouring effect sweetie cake, the flooded covered top sweetie cake.  Hmmm, decisions, decisions… lets do all three in one whammy!

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Allotto plotto first bakes – cake it up – berry drizzle cake

Some months past Mamma mia, given charge of fruit plants at the alloto plotto, added a blackcurrant plant amid numerous raspberry canes and beyond.  What the heck does one do with blackcurrants…. Ribena being my only blackcurrant consumption of recollection meant the hunt was on – what can I bake with two handfuls of blackcurrants…. Continue reading “Allotto plotto first bakes – cake it up – berry drizzle cake”

Homegrown beetroot recipe

Allotto plotto first bakes – tart it up

First proper summer at the allotto plotto. Time to bake up some alloment produce to show home grown home baked tastes awesome! I have taken the tart it up theme from my baking frenchie hero Eric Lanlard Im quite partial to a tart, particularly when it comes with cheese cheesey cheese and proper buttery pastry (so basically artery clogging yuminess crumbiness). But fill it with … Continue reading Allotto plotto first bakes – tart it up

Baking loving – lemon meringue love heart

Little sisters left hand diamond clad, and another wedding cake on the horizon, engagement drinks and pressies had to have a suitably celebratory cake.  Inspiration – lemon meringue pie (one of her faves) and love heart sweeties.  Cracked open a couple of packs of love hearts and they have obviously tried to modernise them…. not sure what happened to ‘sweet love’ and ‘pretty girl’ etc, … Continue reading Baking loving – lemon meringue love heart

Pickle my onions

Whoop baby, its an onion invasion….. Shallots- Wasn’t quite expecting upon planting 2 packs of wilkos finest shallot bulbs at the beginning of this year Id quite end up with so many shallots per bulb, and blonde-ly never considered I probably only use 10 shallots about once every three years in a frenchie beef bourguignon.  Oooops.  Light bulb.  Pickled onions. The stalks started to flop over in mid summer and … Continue reading Pickle my onions