My Allotto Plotto

 time to hoe those weeds, and plant me pumpkin seeds

This cabbage, these carrots, these potatoes, these onions … will soon become me.  Such a tasty fact!
–  Mike Garofalo

Summer 14 – Allotment waiting lists, they are massive I hear.  Lets put my name down on two plots and if Im a lucky bunny Ill get one next year.  A week later I have 2! Panic a the disco!

  • Pumpkin King aka my ex schools biology teacher has nabbed me a lovely beginners plot across town
  • Village gardener has got me a much bigger plot surrounded by fields around the corner

Idyllic and convenient village plot decided upon and tips on ‘lasagne gardening’ from pumpkin king taken on board it was time to soe and hoe this bad boy….

IMG_4957 Intimidation was looming and with a little begged help from mamma and papa I strimmed, I rotivated, I dug, I raked and who knew how exciting an apparently boring brown patch of land could be.  Job done.  This became my loveable blank canvas …..


Whilst welcoming old boys and village hippie were harvesting produce all over the place it was late summer and was all bad timing to get stuck in.  Sowed a few laties with some success.

Without much sowing and the scoffing yet to come it was time to make it oh so pretty!  I wanted pink, and seaside blue, and polka dots, and windmills, and the cutest allotment in town.  Oh and boundaries! There was another similar aged younger newbie punk – get your overgrown weeds off my side of the string you duffis.  Maybe not something to say to a complete stranger so here came my berlin walls! Several weeks of lunchtimes spent at work painting dudd reject pallets to many a strange looks and I had my amazebells fences……

IMG_3532 blue fence

Ooooh, aaaah! Although I was the only person saying that…. oh the drama and amusement a pink fence created amongst the old boys country retreat. Ooops. Oh well, gave them a good gossip over many a Sunday tea breaks, allotment bylaws were discussed, although chief alotmenteer thanked me for the mob focussing their attention on complaining about me versus his normal received grief.  heehee

And then came the accessories – windcharms, twizzlers, pink thermometer, windmills galore, wind socks and some matching painted compost and storage recycled crates.  Hello wonderland! Bring on the veg

IMG_5540 IMG_5537 IMG_5541 IMG_5542 IMG_5543 IMG_5544 IMG_5546 IMG_5545 IMG_5548 IMG_5549 IMG_5550 IMG_5551 IMG_5552 IMG_5553 IMG_5555  IMG_5561  IMG_4306 IMG_4305 IMG_5559 IMG_5554Pretty in pink flower windmill forking belleMini cute butterfly windmillPolka dot windmillsFlamingo allotment pretty in pinkIMG_4933

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