Its All About Me!

Newbie blogger alert warning….. please bare with me whilst I figure out what the heck Im doing!

I am a mad scientist, cake scoffing, loony toon, country bumpkin chica who adores baking and my newish allotment. So I thought why the hell not, lets give this blog thing a go and start one about the two things that make me mad, frustrated, baffled and totally in love…..

Bake Make Cake, Im a Baker and Cake Decorator

Born a chocaholic, its only been a few years since Ive strayed from the standard brownie and chocolate cake recipes. Bread, pastry and all things sweet and savoury are now on my radar. I literally want to be able to make everything (achievable expectation obviously)! I love a super duper novelty cake challenge, Eric Lanlard French heartthrob, making the boys at work join in my famous Christmas bake off, using every utensil in sight and still all things chocolatey

Sow Dough Hoe, Im an Alotmenteer

Retired oldie gent in a flatcap… that I am not! I’ve had my allotment for nearly a year now and am having a bloody lovely time making it look super pretty amongst all the sowing and hoeing. Was all a bit of a whim and didn’t have the foggiest what I was doing. Its all a doddle really, as long as you like growing weeds, my particular forte! And best of all it ends in food, glorious food!

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