Bake me up buttercup: 2015 100 bake challenge

100 new bakes is the aim, 
to improve my baking skills is the game

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them
Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics      

Jan 15 – Victoria sponge and brownies Ive got them down, but I want it all sweetly conquered.  hmmm challenge I think.  Complete geek, loved exams and projects at school & failing a no-no, so Ill set my very own.  365 would be too extreme & 50 half-hearted nonsense so 100 was set!  1.92 (im a scientist…) per week, bish bash bosh, doesn’t seem too difficult I think. Am I deluded?! Was clearly failing to take into account I have a full time job and commute, a time consuming allotment of weeds, like to sleep a lot, have a cocktail influencing sugar daddy, learning to play the saxaphone badly, kickboxing, volunteering with kids in care and am holiday obsessed.

Mid 2015  a tad behind, and predict a large baking extravaganza in December but jolly good effort to date after a couple of crazy catch ups.  Am making things I wouldn’t have considered before and most have been a success (fingers crossed).  Gallery kept updated below…..

Jan 2016 – Finished…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new challenge ready to go

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