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In search of Paris’ best patisserie and sweet treats

Bojour mon Paris du chocolat et patissier!  Absolutely adore Paris, the epicentre of patisserie, the most delicious and beautifully decorated intricate cakes in the world. Visiting sister company from recent company acquisition located in the magnifique city has given me the opportunity of an excellent weekend extension on business trip to search high and low for the prettiest, quirkiest and most delicious patisseries. For any cake enthusiast, here is my list of the must must must top places to visit and pick up a delicious treat….

  1. Angelina, Rue de Rivoli
  2. La Patisserie des Reves, Rue de Bac
  3. Maison du Chocolat, Palais Royal Musee de Louvre
  4. Stohrer, Etienne Marcel
  5. Pierre Herme, St Sulpice
  6. Fauchon, Madeleine
  7. L’Eeclair de Genie, Opera
  8. Laduree, Champs Elysees
  9. Lenotre, Rue Cler

Due to my chocaholic tendencies most of these are judged on their chocolat patisserie! Every single one worth the visit for their individual character.

1. Angelina

Prime tourist location but an oldy worldy classic favourite that I first fell in love with ten years ago.  Its been there for over 100 years for a reason! Amazing chocolat and cakes! Magnificent décor with a tearoom serving very pricey but delicious food in a grand chandelier lit hall, but skip the queues and go to the patisserie shop and get your treats to take away, which of course come beautifully boxed and bagged as all those do from the ‘best’ on my list.  The Negresco and Choc Africane are out of this world, both based on mouses with meringue or brownie base and chocolate curls or a mirror shimmering finish and of course finished with gold leaf for finesse.

2. La Patisserie des Reves

Wins the award for the quirkiest and ignites a bit of the mad scientist feeling in me!  Modern & funky with the patisserie displayed in bell jars.  Try their house speciality voted best in Paris –  choux bun ring with a rich nutty praline cream.  I brought home some of Philipe Conticinis famous noisette butter so looking forward to whipping something up with this in.

3. Maison du Chocolat

Officially a chocolatier and with a much more limited option, but the best depth of pure chocolate indulgence in each bite of their patisserie.  I would happily eat one of these everyday for evermore! The shop is located in a great location under the Pyramid in the Louvre

4. Stohrer

Not on the ritzy scale like many of the others this is known as the oldest patisserie in Paris from 1730.  It was fit for court way back when it started and still produces royalty worthy cakes.  Traditional heart-warming rustic fare, still pretty, but with a bit more of a homemade feel and is on a lovely bustling Parisian street. Try the delicious fraisier – pistachio sponge layers with vanilla cheesecake like filling and fresh strawberries.

5. Pierre Herme

Now a well known name in the culinary world but still delicious goods and always a queue to prove it.  Make sure your pocket is heavy with euros! Although the basic patisserie is comparative to the others there are some indulgent options…. a 95euro slice of cake…. a large slice Ill give him that, but mental! The Ombre & Lumiere had the lightest moelleux au chocolat I have ever tasted.  If I can ever make chocolate cake that amazingly light my world will be complete!

6. Fauchon

Take the best bits of Selfridges and Harrods food halls, make them ten times better and then make them French….. welcome to Fauchon.  Across two buildings on the swankiest foodie square in Paris, consists of amazing cakes and bread but also pick up the most opulent french chocolates, mustards, herbs, teas and the list goes on.

7. L'Eeclair de Genie

Housed in Galeries Lafayettes food hall this little gem sells eclairs, yummy eclairs of a large selection of quirky flavours and decorations.  The Grand Cru is the best chocolate éclair I have ever tasted!

8. Laduree

A visit for the architecture and decor alone is worth it, and probably better than there number one acclaimed macarons.  Not the biggest macaron fan but if you like them you will love these gems.  Be prepared to pay for the most expensive mouthful of food in Paris though!  Not one I would go back to as not to my taste but its a bit of a must on a patisserie tour although Im sure many a tourist will walk out wondering how they have just spent 70 euros on a fancy bag with not too many macarons!

9. Lenotre

Just around the corner from Rue Cler, one of the best places to wander on a weekend morning seeing the wealthy locals pick up their ingredients for Sunday lunch with fresh food of every variety and bustling musicians. Their mouse cake had the best chocolate work from my tour with the very thinnest chocolate I have ever had.

Patisserie love

The cookbook addict in me came away from the weekend with 3 patisserie books, and yes they are in French and no I don’t speak French!  Time to polish up the lingo! I feel a patisserie challenge coming on for 2016s bake challenge after completing (yes I will complete, eeeek)  this years ‘bake me up butternut’.  Next up Ill be on the hunt for the best bread and boulangerie….

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