A little ladies cake commission

Have just has the pleasure of making a crazy all colours, girlie, all decorations birthday cake for a little lady, daughter of a lovely work colleague from her own drawn design.  Kids cakes are absolutely the best to make as can go in with all glitter guns blazing!

The specification: a red number 7, polka dots, jelly dots, pink name, blue cats and purple butterflies with a dreamt up and felt tipped picture many months before by the birthday girly…


I baked a large square sponge, carved a number seven with a bread knife, sliced and jammed together, covered in red sugar paste and my canvas was ready to throw everything at!

I used sugar paste with a bit of gum to make some stamped cats and butterflies and let half the butterflies to dry on a foam mat to give a fluttering effect.  These little decorations were painted with food colouring and a fine brush and used some edible glitter as finishing touches. A few blobs strategically rolled and stuck together with some painted eyes and whiskers gave a little blue cat

Lydia letters stamped and several glitterfied with edible glue and pink neon glitter, then all assembled.  Fingers crossed she loves it….

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