Awesome shed forkingbelle

Someones Gone Allotment-al with Shed Prettifying

Seaside hut, buttercup, shabby chic, banksy, hitchcockesque, speakeasy, sunshine influenced shed is now rocking it down at the alloto plotto.  Many creative hours spent on my hut of prettiness has slightly taken over the weed control on the plotto the last few weeks, oops. Shed sides and roof delivered by one of the flat capped oldies from his cannabis growing neighbour, whose apparent expanding business has resulted in the need for him to invest in a larger ‘facility’. All a bit questionable but bingo for me as have been putting off spending several hundred pounds on a small shed for the past twelve months to store tools and collect much needed water.

Spot the best shed ever?


Maybe now…

Can you spot my shed

My shed saga began….

Shed sides and roof put together on timbers by Papa, I had an ugly brown shabby floor-less ex cannabis growing shed.

IMG_4854 IMG_4853

The plan was to keep it subtle after the pink fence scandal ensued (my allotto plotto page) – a nice pale yellow. But then I wanted blue, and bunting, and shed art, and as always my plans  surpassed by becoming carried away into wonderland …..

Pretty in yellow

Buttercup blast bejewelled my walls with a forget-me-not blue door and edging garland aiming to result in a seaside type hut colour theme.  It only took one broken chair, a splattered allotment track of blue paint and one injured forkingbelle after oh so cleverly using a very unstable chair to paint the trim.  Cheap tacky homestore provided an aloha sign and a hanging wooden heart I colour co-ordinated and nailed in place

Bunting Indulging

I used some simple cut fabric polka dot triangles from some material squares tacked on to a piece of ribbon to and some chic swag to my little window

Home Tweet Home

Two plain wooden birdhouses purchased and decorated with the awesome rust-oleum craft paints, trusty glue gun used to stick on hearts and side door and my crafty stamps tweeted them up = two freaking awesome mini sheds for my little birdy friends

Painted cute birdboxes

Shed graffiti

Very chuffed with my allotment sunflowers standing above all others, I cracked on with painting a flower, some hitchcockesque birds and put my mark on with a forking belle across the door

Final touches

Wind chime, oversized polka windmill, flowerpot, and owl stake were added for the perfect finishing touches, and now….

I Love My Shed!

Pretty awesome shed

The inside is still a working progress and once decorated in an equally awesome way pictures will follow……

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