Flowerpot baking

Two new unused terracotta flower pots were hiding among my mass of exponentially growing moving house pile.  I thought a bit of flowerpot baking would encompass my love for baked goods and growing all things edible and/or pretty.  I seasoned them, and then distracted by a whirlwind of birthday cakes they got put to one side until GBBO bread week came along.  Master Hollywood said they could be tricky – and it kind of put me off a bit more! But then the goon making it used baking paper to line the flower pot and the challenge to give them a go was on.  Outraged the lion bread baker didn’t get star baker, I was ready to crack on with this little project properly! After all the Egyptians didn’t have baking parchment to hand when baking in terracotta more than a few years ago…..


‘Seasoning’ the pots

So this is basically preparing them to bake in so they don’t absorb all your moistness from your dough and taint the bread….

  • brush new pots with plenty of sunflower inside and out
  • bake at 200oC for half an hour
  • leave to cool in the oven without a gas mask to hand (recommend don’t open oven at this stage as honks!)
  • once cool repeat the process a further 2 times

A drama yes, but you only need to do this the once

Oiling bread flower pot Hardening terracotta pots for bread

Bake Bake Baby - Cheese and onion dough (Mary Berry inspired – who also lines her pots –doh!)

Ingredients –

  • 375g white bread flour
  • 3g dried yeast
  • 7g salt
  • 20g cubed butter
  • 100g mixed cheeses – parmesan and extra strong cheddar
  • 240g luke warm water
  • Handful finely sliced spring onions

Extra cheese for topping, sunflower oil for greasing

Kneaded cheese and chive dough


  • Mix everything other than the extras in a large bowl until form a dough
  • Work it work it baby – Knead away for 8 minutes
  • Pop in a bowl in the airing cupboard with cling film over for 90mins
  • Oil he flower pots and split the dough in half between two medium sized pots
  • Leave at RT for another 90 mins to rise again
  • Sprinkle with more cheesey yuminess
  • Oven 200oC with a sprinkle of water for steaming – bake for 30mins

These little loafs baked the traditional way just pop out with a little upside down shake and taste yum-scrum-diddly-dum and have a great ‘crumb’ as Master Hollywood would say

Flowerpot bread

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