Defying gravity cake

Smarties Parties – defying gravity smarties pouring cake

The spec: a smarties party cake for a smarties lover (and not an 8year old girlie one would imagine, but a 59year old dude).  These colourful little gems gave me three options – the hidden centre sweetie cake, the pouring effect sweetie cake, the flooded covered top sweetie cake.  Hmmm, decisions, decisions… lets do all three in one whammy!

IMG_0010 (2)

M&Ms seem to be taking over the world, and the much yummier retro smarties have gone on the backburner.  Large bags are smarties were extinct in all surrounding supermarkets, so lots and lots of tubes it was.

Hidden centre

Chocolate cake sliced into 4 and bottom two layers stuck together with some quickly whipped up pouring ganache – I cut a circle out of the middle layer and filled with my first handfulls of smarties.  Next cake layers added to hide away


Flooded top

I needed a little edging to allow for my smarties ‘great lake’ so used cadburys fingers lined up around the edge.  They wouldn’t all quite stay vertical with the ganache as adherent so a ribbon was required to keep in place.  And then lots of smarties tube ripping and scattering ensued.


Defying gravity (Elphie style)


This is where things got a little tricky and I had to be a little wicked and use a cheat. Following plan I stuffed a smarties tube with cotton wool and balanced on top of a plastic cake dowel inserted into the cake at a slight angle.  So far so good.


So according to cake addiction (amazing video tutorials on the whacky) you are meant to stick your ‘m&ms’ with melted chocolate one layer at a time.  Whether smarties don’t stick the same or I just don’t have the delicate patience required…. it wasn’t happening…. Collapse after collapse and chocolatey mess. Giving up is not in my vocabulary.  I suppose no one is going to eat the pouring stack with all the cake and lake to go for, so out came my favourite crafty tool – my mini glue gun!  Worked a treat, 3mins of gluing brightly coloured treats and gravity defied…..


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