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In search of Paris’ best patisserie and sweet treats

Bojour mon Paris du chocolat et patissier!  Absolutely adore Paris, the epicentre of patisserie, the most delicious and beautifully decorated intricate cakes in the world. Visiting sister company from recent company acquisition located in the magnifique city has given me the opportunity of an excellent weekend extension on business trip to search high and low for the prettiest, quirkiest and most delicious patisseries. For any cake enthusiast, here is my list of the must must must top places to visit and pick up a delicious treat…. Continue reading “In search of Paris’ best patisserie and sweet treats”

Liebster award

Liebster Award, Forkingbelle

After a bit of a blogging, digging and baking break due to a new house, I’ve come back for a gap between the painting  to receive this fab award nomination for newbie bloggers from the lovely lifestyle unplugged.  Thank you 🙂

The Liebster award is a way of bloggers recognising & supporting fellow small blogs/new bloggers for their efforts. Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, valued, lovely, endearing

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Pretty and posh Victoria sandwhich

Posh and Pretty Victoria Sponge

With village show approaching & having been volunteered to volunteer on the cream tea stand, thought better get into the spirit of things and enter some of the show tent categories.  Being the most competitive person I know and not buying into any of that ‘its the taking part that counts’ malarkey, not sure this was the best judgement I’ve made…. outrage prevailed…. Continue reading “Posh and Pretty Victoria Sponge”

Courgette preserving recipes

Courgette amourette – 5 ways to preserve zuchinni with love

Three months of a courgette glut, and one has had to get a little more inventive, than tarts and the courgetti spiralising fad.  Five courgette plants on the alotto plotto of two green varieties has given me an explosion of greeny big ‘uns. After pickling my onions I was quite partial to the idea of playing about with a little courgette preservation, and ended up … Continue reading Courgette amourette – 5 ways to preserve zuchinni with love